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Restless Spirit 

Spending an incredible weekend with amazing friends was how this piece came to life. Every stroke, dab, and flourish was used to create an unbridled and truly free spirit. 

It's True to me

It's True to my soul


Fleshing Out Ideas:

The first step is always the hardest. You really have to ask yourself, where would you like to go on this artistic journey? Where would you like to take the viewer? Sometimes, your just lucky and it all comes together. 


Controlled Chaos:

Finding the right balance between spontaneous expression and controlled, distinct, brush strokes proved to be challenging. Luckily, bourbon was the  rememdy for my ailment. 

Spontaneous Expression

Unbridled and Free: 

Feel  the Passion

It's True to me

It's True to me

I tried to lay everything on the canvas in that exact moment. I just hope the viewer sees where I'm coming from. Can you feeel the passion? Can you see the raw emotion? Only time will tell I guess. 

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